Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn't exist yet, and will change everything for everybody,
and nothing will ever be the same again. ~ Ray Bradbury

Here at Tell-Tale Press, we hope to entertain you with quality stories from talented writers around the world. Some stories may include graphic violence, erotica, or both. They have been indicated as such before the story begins. Thank you for joining us, and happy reading!

Documented by Myke Edwards

Teeth clenched, Erica fought to stay seated. On the other side of the desk from her, Jack Richards, Editor in Chief of the Sylva Free Press, clicked through her photos on a computer. He hadn’t spent more than ten seconds per picture.
Another click of the mouse, another sigh. Of the twenty-four pictures in Erica’s portfolio, only nine more stood between her and further unemployment. She remained quiet and calm, staring down at her pink Chucks. Jack had to find at least one that he wanted to buy.
He clicked over to another picture and inhaled as if he was going to say something. Erica’s heart kicked up a beat. Jack shook his head, clicking over to the next one. A poster showing a UFO with the phrase “The Truth Is Out There” hung on the wall behind him. Action figures and tchotchkes lined the edges of his desk.
Getting just one picture published, even in a free weekly like the Free Press, would be Erica’s steppingstone to the career of her dreams. Supported mostly by her boyfriend, her …

Ripper J by Charles Joseph Albert

I hadn’t been on the job for very long before the APB came through—maybe six months. So I was still taking things pretty seriously. Still worked out strenuously two hours every day. Still put in five hours a week in the skywalk, training with the full suit on, the gravity boots. Still religious about the terrorism simulator program.

So, it was with some fatalistic self-confidence that I heard the APB come over the wires. “Ripper J has been positively identified on the shuttle to Gamma station. All security personnel on duty must be on the alert. Ripper J is wanted for acts of mayhem in five star systems and must be apprehended. This is a code red alert.”
Of course I knew who Ripper J was—this was part of my job description. I’d read about the attack on the terrestrial embassy on Betelgeuse, how he single-handedly evaporated an entire platoon of the Emperor’s finest troops. How he rewired the ignition on a diplomatic shuttle carrying half of the Senate, arranging the explosion to spell o…

The White by Sean Patrick Hazlett

We cooked Emily first.

I sawed off Emily’s arm and put it on the spit. Sandy and Ted stormed off in protest, unable to partake in my grim ritual. I didn’t know how she’d died—it could’ve been exposure or starvation—but we needed food, and she was all we had.
Our world was slowly dying. The last of us had hunkered up in the Sierras living on whatever we could scavenge. The White had herded us from San Francisco all the way up to this godforsaken wilderness.
Some say civilization and anarchy are only seven meals apart. I disagree. Add wind and rain to the mix and that number drops to three.
The wind whistled and wailed through the redwoods towering above our camp—silent sentinels that bore witness to our rapid devolution. Here long before our progenitors, they’d stand long after the last embers of humanity cooled into oblivion.
The smell of sizzling meat wafted toward the edge of the campfire. With heads hung low, Ted and Sandy shambled back to the fire, their eyes avoiding mine. Sandy’s sto…