Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn't exist yet, and will change everything for everybody,
and nothing will ever be the same again. ~ Ray Bradbury

Here at Tell-Tale Press, we hope to entertain you with quality stories from talented writers around the world. Some stories may include graphic violence, erotica, or both. They have been indicated as such before the story begins. Thank you for joining us, and happy reading!

Project Genesis by Chrissie Rohrman

My team arrived for a scheduled training exercise on Vox R79 at 13:06UTC. Our expected liaison, Dr. Evan Mendes, was not here to meet us. No one was. My assessment is that the Erebus outpost has been deserted for months. The facility is overgrown with vegetation, and nothing inside is operational. It seems they left in a hurry and never came back. Something must have scared the hell out of these people.
After executing a brief sweep of the immediate area around the outpost, we’ve found no obvious signs of wildlife, Dr. Mendes, or the missing crew in the surrounding woods. There’s something unnerving about the silence. The team is on edge. Vox R79 doesn’t feel like any planet I’ve been on.
Our check-in with Nova Base was set for 14:00UTC, but our own communications equipment is down. Assuming a rescue shuttle was dispatched soon after we missed check-in, it should arrive in approximately 21 hours.

Rabbit by Kristin Kirby

Tanner used to run. The medals he’d won in high school and college track then collected dust on his bedroom dresser for years. After he told his last girlfriend he was leaving her, she threw them all in the recycling. By that time Tanner was fifty pounds overweight and didn’t want to look at them anymore anyway.
When Tanner’s doctor said he had high blood pressure and quoted statistics about overweight older men with high blood pressure, Tanner started walking. There was a park ten minutes from his house, with a lake and a boat launch and ducks and geese. Farther along there were paved paths and trails lined with maples and firs and flowering trees.
So, Tanner walked. He took his blood pressure twice a day with one of those wrist jobs. And in a few months Tanner’s numbers went down and his doctor was happy. Tanner stopped taking the meds, too, though the doctor didn’t know that part.
Not that it mattered much, as asteroids were hurtling toward Earth. Three of them, big as skyscrapers. Th…

I Will Not Dance for Them by Steven E. Belanger

Mike tells me they only come here, The Showroom, after their kids die. I’m programmed to always believe him, but I never do.
Now, the one who just came in—maybe. From my constant perch at the front bay window, I can see his angular face and his small, nervous smile. It’s possible: His child could’ve just died—the flu mostly takes the young. But if so, his wife must’ve left him, too, because he’s got that look. The look that says it’s been a long time—even if it hasn’t. The guys usually come for us, no matter what Mike says.
This guy glances at Mike, who’s at his constant perch at the bar, sipping his tonic water, tugging his belt beneath his soft tire, swiveling so he sees everyone. We watch the guy glance around the room, at the couples slowly dancing, the girls smiling at their partners or laughing at something.
The man looks at them with longing, and a little fear.
He sees me now and takes a step towards me. I give him my best Get Away From Me glare and he stops. Looks away. He focus…

Alien Dayz by GD Deckard

“Have you seen them!” Roy Ledbetter, tall, gangly, amiable and easily disturbed, punctuated by stabbing his ice cream cone at Bob.
“Nope,” Bob Whatt admitted. “You?” They were sitting in White’s Only Ice Cream Shop, Serving 34 Kinds of Vanilla. Yesterday, he had joined a crowd in front of a department store window to watch television broadcasts of the Aliens landing. Despite his extremely average looks, or maybe because of that, Bob was singled out for a live “Man on the street” interview, during which his naturally suspicious nature attracted a local lunatic group. Hence, here he was now, in Valdosta, Georgia, a guest speaker for the weekly meeting of WTF! Different behaviors and beliefs threatened WTF!’s cloistered view of God’s world as They shared it with Him. Surprised and shocked by the appearance of the Aliens, they were deeply suspicious.
“I’ve seen them on TV! They’re ugly as sin!” Roy declared.
“Ever notice sinful women can be beautiful?”
“Just saying, Roy, don’t believe…